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Adding dynamic meta descriptions and canonical link tags to Hugo sites

Meta & Canonical Tags So I need to do some meta work. I’ve touched on the Hugo theme that I built for my home page here, but this only covered the very basics of going live. Time to add some details! I’ve already added a few meta tags to my head, but I’d like to dynamically generate the meta description depending on which page is being viewed. I’d also like to add canonical tags to each page.



Building a Hugo Themed Portfolio Site

Localhost: 1313 11/24/21 update: check out a follow up post with some SEO addons in this post. I had a fair amount of success building a template for a niche audience recently: recovery groups in need of a basic, but functional and modern web presence. It ended up being more detailed than I had anticipated, even for the small nature of that template, but I thoroughly enjoyed the process. I am now in the middle of coding another template for my own portfolio.

Go Go Hugo


Making a Hugo Theme

This past week, I’ve put together my first legit theme for Hugo, and it’s for a pretty niche audience: recovery groups. The Problem: Recovery Groups are Still on Dial Up Most groups are in the stone age when it comes to technology. If they do have a page, it’s something that looks terrible, was made a century ago, and is no longer maintained. Groups have regular literature and liturgy that circulates for participation in every meeting–often occurring many times through the week.


I'm a maker at heart, and I love fixing broken things as much as crafting new ones.


A Hugo Theme for Recovery Groups

This is meant to address the more common web needs of a group. Namely, a clean, readable and easily accessible site for any member to: Find basic information about the meeting. i.e. location, times, format. Access the meeting guide and participate without the need for paper handouts. Access any online only meeting resources. Contribute donations to the group easily online.

Undertow Podcasts

Podcast Network Site

This is the homepage for my podcast network. I’ve been podcasting since 2006, and been spinning up new ideas for experimental shows since about that time too. I coded this site using Bootstrap 4 and custom CSS. It is a minimal landing page with players for some of my current shows.


Ultramarathon Home Page

A race site for the Pinhoti 100 mile footrace. This is a concept site I made for an existing race in need of a makeover. I used Stackbit with Hugo & Forestry for this and deployed it on Netlify.


I've been podcasting since 2006, and creating music since the 90s.

Re Verse

Scripture Soundtracks

re-verse is an evolution in progress. A swelling undercurrent of short scriptures brought to life in a musical podcast which hopes to breach your ears with both comfort and insecurity. With truth and fear. With cautious optimism and with plenty of dissonance. Re-verse hopes to be a remedy for the wishy-washy-feel goodness of what seems to be a modern misrepresentation of the gospel of truth which I believe holds power. Re-verse hopes to capture moments in time through music with scripture.

Sieis Soundtracks

Ephemeral Soundscapes

Sieis Soundtracks is a collection of ephemeral soundtracks. It spawned in 2011 from the longer form fna show. Inspriation came orgiainlly from NIN’s phenomenal Ghosts I-IV album. The original 37 episodes of Sieis were re-released in 2019 across four 10-track seasons, and additional seasons will be release in this 10-track format going forward.

Fna Show

An Experiment in Sound and Idea

The fna show is an aural excursion. an experiment in sound and idea. The crucifixion of complacency continues to be the driving force behind the fna show. The fna show began as a haphazard effort towards a comedy podcast back in 2006. It was an excuse to record a group of friends while talking about absolutely nothing. It evolved over the first dozen episodes into a musical meandering weaving through scripted content varying from poems to rants to short stories.