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Hi, I'm Eamonn

tech advocate | web developer | podcast composer


I love writing about technology; it helps fuel my insatiable desire to keep learning.

Finance Tracker


An easy to use personal finance template in Google Sheets

A Yearly Tradition; a New Year’s First Project Even the simplest of things invites complication, tedium, and a tendency to overact to my own compulsive perfective nature. I built an expense tracker with Google Sheets. Not my first. I’ve been building and using these every year since at least 2013. My wife and I share the same sheets to simply track our expenses daily. We are both users of credit cards and debt, but we both abhor overextending our financial means.

Freecodecamp Javascript Certification


Reflections on freeCodeCamp's javascript certification

Victory! A Javascript Certificate (But more importantly, some good programming practice.) Minimal code included as I found it most important in these projects to not look up anyone else’s sample code. The act of banging my head against the proverbial wall was as important in learning the programming concepts as anything. So, this took me a long time. I signed up for freeCodeCamp back in 2016, and it was one of the handful of tools I used to become familiar with coding.

Running 100 Miles


The mindset and the rewards of running 100 miles and learning to code.

What a dumb headline, right? You probably don’t even want to run 100 miles. But thanks for clicking it anyway! :) The facts: Yes, I really did complete a 100 point-to-point race. No, I didn’t run fast the entire time. Yes, I trained fairly extensively. No, it was not an all-consuming task. Yes, it was exhilarating, overwhelming even, to finish. No, I did not have a life-changing epiphany. Resilience In the month since the race, I’ve reflected more than a few times on the parallels between competing in ultra-marathons and in learning new skills.


I'm a maker at heart, and I love fixing broken things as much as crafting new ones.


A Hugo Theme for Recovery Groups

This is meant to address the more common web needs of a group. Namely, a clean, readable and easily accessible site for any member to: Find basic information about the meeting. i.e. location, times, format. Access the meeting guide and participate without the need for paper handouts. Access any online only meeting resources. Contribute donations to the group easily online.

Undertow Podcasts

Podcast Network Site

This is the homepage for my podcast network. I’ve been podcasting since 2006, and been spinning up new ideas for experimental shows since about that time too. I coded this site using Bootstrap 4 and custom CSS. It is a minimal landing page with players for some of my current shows.


Ultramarathon Home Page

A race site for the Pinhoti 100 mile footrace. This is a concept site I made for an existing race in need of a makeover. I used Stackbit with Hugo & Forestry for this and deployed it on Netlify.


I've been podcasting since 2006, and creating music since the 90s.

Re Verse

Scripture Soundtracks

re-verse is an evolution in progress. A swelling undercurrent of short scriptures brought to life in a musical podcast which hopes to breach your ears with both comfort and insecurity. With truth and fear. With cautious optimism and with plenty of dissonance. Re-verse hopes to be a remedy for the wishy-washy-feel goodness of what seems to be a modern misrepresentation of the gospel of truth which I believe holds power. Re-verse hopes to capture moments in time through music with scripture.

I Want to Hack

Computer Programming Documentary

I Want to Hack began way back in 2012 when I first began dabbling in computer programming. I began with an EdX course on Python from MIT. This was when MOOCs were just coming on the scene, and I was fascinated. I was joined by my wife on the podcast where I would attempt to explain to her what I’d been learning. The show was rekindled to continue in this vein during 2020, and remains a personal progress beacon for me.

Sieis Soundtracks

Ephemeral Soundscapes

Sieis Soundtracks is a collection of ephemeral soundtracks. It spawned in 2011 from the longer form fna show. Inspriation came orgiainlly from NIN’s phenomenal Ghosts I-IV album. The original 37 episodes of Sieis were re-released in 2019 across four 10-track seasons, and additional seasons will be release in this 10-track format going forward.