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Re Verse

by Eamonn Cottrell
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What is this?

re-verse is an evolution in progress. A swelling undercurrent of short scriptures brought to life in a musical podcast which hopes to breach your ears with both comfort and insecurity. With truth and fear. With cautious optimism and with plenty of dissonance. Re-verse hopes to be a remedy for the wishy-washy-feel goodness of what seems to be a modern misrepresentation of the gospel of truth which I believe holds power. Re-verse hopes to capture moments in time through music with scripture. In short: I’m going to be reading the Bible and blanketing it with waves of sound. Step into the undertow with me to crucify complacency. The creative undertow does have some other things in store for you. You can stay up to date at there’s a link in the show notes that will take you right there. It too is an evolution in progress.

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