Published on Sep 15, 2022 by Eamonn Cottrell
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Properly Building and Maintaining an Open Source Project

I wanted to learn better project management, so I created a small open-source library to teach myself some best practices for developing a software project.

This was a helpful way to learn more about many things including:

  1. git branches (and acutually using them 😊)
  2. GitHub Issues (closing, not just opening them 🤯)
  3. Assigning tasks via GitHub Projects (to myself 😁)
  4. Writing concise documentation 📖
  5. Thoughtfully considering contribution guidelines ✍
  6. Licensing properly 📃
  7. Using git tags and versioning properly 🔖
  8. Making available as a CDN via jsDelivr 🌎
  9. Making (and releasing!) an MVP (minimum viable product) 🚀
  10. Focusing on process over code (without neglecting the code 👀)

I wrote an article about this project here: https://blog.eamonncottrell.com/build-an-open-source-css-library

The demo site is here: https://unmove.netlify.app/

The code is here: https://github.com/sieis/unmove

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